Water Jet™

The Cordless, Handheld Water Flosser
That Takes the Work Out of Flossing!

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  • 2 Water Jets™ - Cordless
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  • 4 Additional Tips
  • 2 Free Bonus Travel Cases
  • Deluxe Water Jet™ comes with
    3 Pressure Speeds: Normal, Soft, and Massage

Features & Benefits

The Most Effective Way to Floss – Quick & Easy!

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Introducing Water Jet™

Water Jet™ is the cordless handheld water flosser that takes the work and the pain out of flossing - All you do is fill and then floss!

Water Jet™ helps blast away plaque and bacteria for a mouth that’s truly clean.

Water Jet™ stores right in your drawer but gives you the handheld power you need to keep gums cleaner n’ healthier and your breath fresher too!

The secret is Water Jet™'s Micro Pulse Action that sprays over 1800 bursts of water per minute for a total clean, blasting away plaque and bacteria even along the gum line where regular floss just can’t go.

Water Jet™ is waterproof so you can even use it in the shower and it’s cordless and portable so you can take it anywhere for a fresh n’ clean mouth all day long!

With the power of the Water Jet™, you get professional results every time. It’s perfect for anyone with implants, crowns, or bridgework and even with delicate braces and normal teeth. Water Jet™ has the power to gently but effectively blast away food n’ bacteria, for a complete clean right down to the gum line!

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